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The Association was established in 1947 as the Associated Manufacturers of Light Metal Products under the Industrial Conciliation Act, 1937. The Association was segmented into Industrial Division, i.e. Metal Window and/or Door and/or Flyscreen Manufacturing Division; Fasteners Manufacturing Division; Light Stamping and/or Forgings Division; Die Casting and/or Extrusions Division; Edge Tool Manufacturing Division (which subsequently formed their own Association, the Edge-Hand and Small Tool Manufacturers’ Association which then became the Hand Tool Manufacturers Association); Wire Products Division; Hardware Manufacturing Division; Chain Manufacturing Division; Light Fabrication Division. The Association joined SEIFSA in 1951 and in 1958, the Association changed their name to the Light Engineering Industries Association of South Africa.

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The Light Engineering Industries Association of South Africa (LEIA) is registered with the Department of Labour as an independent Employers’ Organisation and is federated to the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA).  

Although the Association is an independent, registered employers’ organisation, being federated to SEIFSA enables members to have access to all the expert assistance/advice in the fields of legal/industrial relations, economic support systems that SEIFSA offers, particularly smaller companies who do not have these resources.

Members of the Association meet on a quarterly basis and convene an Annual General Meeting (AGM) towards the end of each year.  The Executive Committee of the Association is elected at the AGM and is responsible for the affairs of the Association in-between AGM’s. The following key issues are addressed regularly at meetings of the Association:

  • industrial relations and legal matters;
  • commercial, socio-economic and political matters impacting on the sector and individual member companies;
  • safety, health, environment and quality matters and related compliance matters;
  • human capital and skills development matters; and
  • administration and finance.

We invite you to join the LEIA and become part of a growing voice which talks authoritatively for and on behalf of individual member companies in this important sub-sector of the economy.

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Executive Committee Members

LEIA Chairperson:

Elias Monareng
MiTek Industries South Africa (Pty) Ltd

LEIA Vice- Chairperson:

Kerr Walker
Interroll SA (Pty) Ltd

LEIA Exco Member:

Denise Beneke
Lasher Tools (Pty) Ltd

LEIA Exco Member:

Kamesha Ganamany
Wispeco SA (Pty) Ltd

LEIA Exco Member:

Mateu Lesekele
The South African Mint Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd

LEIA Exco Member:
George Mdlalose,
Dutton Plastics Engineering (Pty) Ltd

LEIA Exco Member:

Lerato Kuse
Wispeco SA (Pty) Ltd

LEIA Exco Member:

Venessa Sanders
Macsteel Service Centres SA (Pty) Ltd